Ezra Miller & Grant Gustin Flash Have Nothing To Do With Each Other


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For fans hoping one day the DC movie universe would cross over with the DC TV Universe — keep dreaming.

Gran Gustin is uber-popular right now starring on The CW’s Flash TV series.

Meanwhile, WB cast a different Barry Allen actor for their Justice League movie universe, Ezra Miller, who made his first two apperances recently in Batman Vs. Superman.

While Ezra Miller has previously mentioned parallel dimensions regarding the two Flash characters, and the Batman Vs. Superman Flash cameo hinted at multiple dimensions, producer Chares Roven says there is no connection at all.

“The Flash on the television show and the Flash in Batman v Superman don’t have anything to do with one another,” Roven told Coming Soon. “They don’t exist in the same time, place, universe or even dimension.”

Roven goes on to state it will be rather interesting to see the response to the two different Flash actors.

“Television is interesting. It’s going to be interesting to see if you can have two characters in two different mediums have the same name, have many of the same attributes and still coexist harmoniously because they’re from two different universes,” Roven said.

It also doesn’t appear as if Warner Bros. plans on having two characters exisit at the same time on TV and the movies ever again. WB already killed off Suicide Squad characters in Arrow, and most recently saw Zack Snyder kill off Jimmy Olsen in a post-release BVS interview (they didn’t even name the character in the movie); CBS’ Supergirl has their own Jimmy Olsen with Mehcad Brooks. It’s also known Batman and Superman don’t exist within the CW Arrow/Flash universe, and Superman has only been a blur on Supergirl. Regarding Gotham, Ben McKenzie and J.K. Simmons are probaby far apart enough in age where it won’t much matter much regarding Gordon.