Ezra Miller Getting Ripped For The Flash


Ezra Miller Flash Justice League Featurette

Ezra Miller appears as The Flash in this week’s Batman Vs. Superman followed by the Justice League movie, which films in a couple of weeks, and then in the 2018 Flash standalone movie.

Many fans are on the fence regarding the casting because of the popularity of Grant Gustin, the TV version of The Flash.

However, that may change as by most accounts Ezra Miller’s appearance in Batman Vs. Superman was an impressive debut (watch the spoiler cameo here).

Now photos of Ezra Miller have hit the net revealing the actor is taking his Flash role seriously, as Miller is getting in tip-top super hero shape to play the Justice League Scarlet Speedster.

While attending the Batman Vs. Superman premiere, Miller posted on his official Instagram account that he is getting “ripped” for the role.

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Gettin ripped #batmanvssuperman #premiere #ezramiller

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