Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Tops The Flash On HBO Max

In a battle of DC, The Rock comes out victorious.

In a battle of DC, The Rock comes out victorious.

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Tops The Flash On HBO Max

Just like the box office, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam tops The Flash when it also comes to viewings on the HBO Max streaming service.

The info once again comes from Samba TV who just released the numbers for Ahsoka on Disney+ that aren’t all that good.

Samba TV, which has access to 3 million Smart TVs revealed that The Flash‘s debut weekend on MAX was watched by 1.1 million households.

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam managed to top The Flash with 1.2 million households.

The Flash made its way to Max over the weekend with 1.1M US households watching over the first three days. This is slightly lower than Black Adam‘s first three days on Max where 1.2M US households tuned in,” states Samba TV on social media.

Back in December of 2022, when Black Adam made its debut on MAX, Samba TV posted, “1.2M US households watched the HBO Max debut of Black Adam over the weekend. Gen Z households over-indexed by 6% for the new DC Extended Universe flick.”

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Black Adam vs The Flash

Box office battle

Regarding the box office battle, Black Adam brought in $393.1 million, with $168.1M domestically and $225.1 internationally.

The Flash brought in $268.5 million, with $108.1 domestically and $160.4 internationally, a difference of nearly $130 million.

Worth a mention is that The Flash also had the benefit of getting released in China, while Black Adam did not where Dwayne Johnson movies do particularly well, which could have added another $100 million at most to Black Adam. The Flash netted $25.9M in China.

Black Adam profitable, The Flash a loss

The Flash also cost more to make, reportedly a budget of $300 million, with it said the flick will lose Warner Bros. Discovery upwards of $200 million.

Dwayne Johnson has gone on record that Black Adam was profitable, with the budget said to be around $260M.

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Fans like Black Adam over The Flash

Black Adam also comes out on top when it comes to what fans think, as the Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is at 88%, while The Flash is at 83%.

Personally, I liked Black Adam a lot better and absolutely despised The Flash. Read my NSFW review here.

DC insiders also filled me in that at one time Dwayne Johnson and his production team were trying to take over DC, and that if everything had gone right, the original and real ending of The Flash would have led to more Black Adam movies, Henry Cavill back as Superman, Ben Affleck returning as Batman, and lots more.

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