Dredd 2 Still Not Happening Says Karl Urban


dredd 2 not happening

Sorry, Dredd fans. A sequel is still not happening.

Contrary to some recent reports on the internet which apparently mixed up Karl Urban’s words, the actor says no Dredd 2 movie is in development.

“Dredd update: Unfortunately a sequel is no closer to happening, options have been discussed but there is no sequel in ‘development,'” Urban tweeted earlier today.

At the recent Denver Comic-Con, Karl Urban remarked that he blamed the failure for the first Dredd film on marketing. Urban noted that while Dredd didn’t do that good in theaters, the DVD sales skyrocketed in the U.S. selling 750,000 copies. Urban said it was “clear the audience had discovered it.”

Dredd was released in 2012 with a budget of around $50 million, but only brought in $35.6 million worldwide.

A producer on Dredd said the reason the sequel isn’t getting made is flat out because of money. Adi Shankar further stated that adding a big name to star along side Urban – like Dwayne Johnson – would help.