Don Cheadle Teases ‘Armor Wars’ Possibly For D23 Expo

A fan on social media asks the War Machine actor if there are any updates on the series that is coming to Disney Plus.

A fan on social media asks the War Machine actor if there are any updates on the series that is coming to Disney Plus.

Don Cheadle Teases 'Armor Wars' Possibly For D23 Expo

Don Cheadle takes to Twitter to offer an update – well, sorta – and possibly teases Armor Wars for the upcoming D23 Expo in September.

Since there was nothing mentioned about Armor Wars at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, fans are worried that the show has been canceled, but on Monday, a fan questioned the actor if there are any updates on the series.

Cheadle didn’t exactly give anything specific, but at least he responded to the question, which is probably good news. 

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Armor Wars wasn’t mentioned at Comic-Con

While Armor Wars wasn’t mentioned at Comic-Con, neither was Deadpool 3, so maybe Kevin Feige and Marvel are waiting on the D23 Expo to announce things, as it is confirmed Marvel Studios will have a big presence at the D23 Expo.

Don Cheadle is appearing in the Secret Invasion Disney Plus series, and Armor Wars is to follow, so let’s just hope Feige doesn’t kill Rhodey off and replace him ( also still lists Armor Wars). 

Last October while appearing at the Ace Universe comic convention, Don Cheadle did offer the future is exciting for War Machine.

“I think the most exciting part is yet to come. I think we don’t really have a super strong idea who he is really, outside of that bubble of the Avengers, outside of necessarily his friendship with Tony, and now he’s gonna kind of be untethered from all of that,” said Cheadle.

The actor continued, “So it’s an opportunity to really kind of discover who he is in a way that we have not had before with concentrated time and focus on Rhodey and Rhodey’s journey and hopefully some stuff about his past and you know teeing up some things about his potential future.  I think those kinds of things were hinted at in an Endgame where this character might go and the things that may be in the offing for him.”

In the comics, “Armor Wars” is an epic story where Tony Stark and Iron Man have to fight various villains who have stolen Iron Man tech and created their own suits of armor, so we can guess the Disney Plus series follows something similar, but Rhodey and War Machine are forced to recover the stolen tech. It could also be possible that the series ties into the Ironheart series, as in the comics, the teenage Riri Williams also steals Iron Man tech.

The D23 Expo takes place September 9-11.

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