DeMark Thompson Still Eyeing Green Lantern Role


demark thompson green lantern corps

DeMark Thompson, known for The Hunger Games, is still eyeing a Green Lantern role.

Last September saw Thompson release a Green Lantern teaser to show that he’s willing to take the oath (watch below).

Now DeMark Thompson has been active again on Instagram as the actor regularly posts images using the hashtag “#greenlantern.”

“I’m still in it for the role of John Stewart aka The Green Lantern,” Thompson posted.

It’s unknown when Green Lantern will first appear in the DCEU. To date, there hasn’t been anything official or teased to suggest a Green Lantern could show up in Justice League, but WB did announce a Green Lantern Corps movie thought to have a 2020 release date.

WB did also reveal Green Lantern concept art at last year’s Comic-Con, and most recently at the Licensing Expo saw WB release a new Green Lantern Corps logo.