Dean Cain Superman Would Have Saved Pa Kent In Man of Steel

Superman Dean Cain Pa Kent Man of Steel

Superman Dean Cain and Lois Lane Terri Hatcher reunited at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con where the topic of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel came up at the panel.  

The pair starred in the popular 1990s’ ABC series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV series, with Terri Hatcher making a comment that she could only see their actors, K Callan and Eddie Jones, as Man and Pa Kent, with Cain agreeing.

“Same. I don’t picture Kevin Costner. No offense,” Cain said.

Dean Cain then continued offering his Superman would have saved Pa Kent in Man of Steel.

“By the way, why didn’t Superman save him right then? Seriously, that made me so mad. I would have saved him, I’m just throwing it out there,” Cain said.

Man of Steel Pa Kent

The Pa Kent scene in Man of Steel has been a big controversial moment in the movie, as the young Clark Kent watched his father die as result of a tornado, which is something most fans don’t agree with. 

Obviously Zack Snyder was going with a different interpretation of Superman for his movies; however, it didn’t last long as some sort of attempt was made to return the character to the classic version in Justice League.   

The future of Superman on the big screen is actually in question as it has been said Warner Bros. is now focusing on Supergirl instead of her cousin.

Henry Cavill is also said to have been in negotiations to return to the role, which apparently broke down when he asked for more money, as WB didn’t feel the amount was worth it.   

Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible director Chris McQuarrie did recently offer he would consider directing a Man of Steel 2, and is just waiting for the call.