Deadpool Highest Grossing X-Men Movie Of All Time


deadpool best xmen movie

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movie is now the highest grossing X-Men movie of all time, having recently passed X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

As it stands, Deadpool is currently at $750 million; X-Men: Days Of Future Past finished at $747.8 million.

The numbers for Deadpool aren’t too shabby especially considering Fox didn’t want to greenlight an R-rated superhero flick in the first place. Only when the Deadpool test footage was intentionally leaked did Fox finally agree to go ahead with Reynolds’ and director Tim Miller’s vision.

Deadpool has about a $355 million gross in the U.S., with an international gross of about $395 million, on a $50 million budget.

The success of Deadpool also looks to further spawn additional R-rated superhero movies with it said Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine movie will be rated as such as well.

Deadpool 2 is also on the way with Ryan Reynolds returning and will feature Cable.

The Deadpool Blu-Ray is now available to pre-order.

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