DC Rumored To Be Open To R-Rated Movie


wb dc r rated movies DC Rumored To Be Open To R-Rated Movie

Following the success of both Deadpool and this weekend’s Logan, it’s said WB is keeping an open mind about doing some sort of R-rated DC movie. It doesn’t seem to be specific, but more or less just chatter at the moment.

WB did release the Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition which is R-Rated, and by all accounts is the best version of the film and has seen a successful Blu-Ray release.

Last year saw the R-rated Deadpool bring in a whopping $783 million worldwide, and it’s thought if Deadpool was allowed to open in China that it would have hit a billion.

Logan is already off to a quarter of a billion dollars in one weekend alone as well; so not just WB, but all the major movie studios have to at least be considering doing some sort of R-rated comic book movie.

I could see WB going with an R-rated version of Suicide Squad 2 or even an R-rated Will Smith Deathstroke movie. Regarding the Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition, I would say it’s more of a hard PG-13 rating than an R-rating.  

I don’t think Marvel Studios will ever do an R-rated movie, but I could see Sony doing an R-rated Venom and/or Carnage flick.

FOX Studios is already developing R-Rated versions of Deadpool 2 and Deadpool 3, and I would even bet that X-Force could be rated-R as well.

It’s possible Deadpool and Logan could have broken the dam, and we’ll see a flood of R-rated superhero films.  

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