DC Comics Teases No Green Lantern Ring For Hal Jordan


March sees the end of Green Lantern CorpsGreen Lantern: New Guardians and Red Lanterns, but will it also see the end of the Green Lantern ring for Hal Jordan?

A promo featured in the back of this week’s DC comics features Green Lantern editor Matt Idelson offering up teases for what’s to come following Convergence.

For Green Lantern, Idelson teases, “Let’s just say for the moment, the ring will no longer be the thing!”

We get a possible further hint about what’s going on from the March solicit for Green Lantern #40 as Newsarama points out an “ultimate betrayal” is mentioned, with “what could make Hal Jordan turn on the Templar Guardians and the Corps?” questioned, in addition to “a status quo change that will impact all the Green Lantern titles!” stated.

Is it possible either Jordan will be stripped of his ring or that he won’t need his ring to access the Green Lantern power? Or even that Hal may be replaced?

Convergence runs April and May.