DC Comics Cancelling 5 Titles As Of December



It’s learned DC Comics is cancelling five titles as of December with Justice League United, Gotham By Midnight, The Omega Men, Lobo and Doomed.

All of the titles except for Justice League United are selling less than 20k as of July, so the news shouldn’t be all that surprising.

In the case of Lobo, which is the lowest selling of the five with less than 13k, DC rebooted the character with more of a Twilight/Elvis look, with most fans not being too happy about the change in direction of the Main Man.

It’s also learned Catwoman will have a new creative team as of December’s issue #47 with writer Frank Tieri and artist Inaki Miranda on board.

As CBR notes, the creators of the above cancelled comics still have other titles in the works at DC.

Update: Regarding the cancellation of Omega Men, Dan DiDio responded as follow on Facebook to fan complaints:

It was a tough decision, we all felt the series had great potential, but sales dropped from issue to issue quicker than expected.