Dan DiDio Says DC Comics Will Never Reboot Again



No more reboots for DC Comics?

Following the New 52, DC Comics recently scrapped the brand in favor of the DC YOU initiative, and now DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio says there’s no going back and starting over — and over.

“Our goal is never to be in a position where we are restarting, relaunching a line, ever again,” DiDio told CBR. “Quite the opposite. What we really want to do is build on what we created from the launch of New 52, take what existed beforehand, integrate that in, to give us the best interpretations of the characters that organically move forward, and are all part of one big continuity that is DC Comics.”

DC Comics recently used their Convergence event to bring all the different multi-verse characters together. DiDio says going forward, they want to focus on the best creators for the characters.

“You can see 400 titles on a monthly basis,” Didio said. “We want to make sure we have the best talent pushing forward – we’re looking at the entire talent pool now, and saying, ‘Who’s best to execute our books? The best interpretation, the best voice, the ones that are able to push this character moving forward?’