Daily Wire Launches Snow White Movie: Watch The Trailer

Stars popular Youtuber Brett Cooper and comes with the news of the launch of a new safe children's streaming platform.

Stars popular Youtuber Brett Cooper and comes with the news of the launch of a new safe children's streaming platform.

Daily Wire Launches Snow White Movie: Watch The Trailer

American conservative news website and media company, the Daily Wire, has announced plans for its own Snow White movie and released a teaser trailer.

The Snow White and the Evil Queen teaser features Brett Cooper as the titular character who hosts The Comments Section with Brett Cooper YouTube channel that has 3.57 million subscribers.

The flick follows Disney releasing its own upcoming live-action version of Snow White which stars Rachel Zegler as the titular character and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen.

Disney is under fire for its woke version and Zegler has been receiving lots of heat from fans due to her recent comments.

Rachel Zegler has said she doesn’t like the original 1937 animated movie, that Prince Charming is a stalker, that Snow White is now a leader, and that they changed the story so it isn’t a love story.

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What is Daily Wire’s Snow White and the Evil Queen about?

So credit to the Daily Wire, they created their own version of the movie, as the original Brothers Grimm story published in 1812 is now in the public domain.

“Amid a tumultuous time for Disney, with its live action ‘Snow White’ star Rachel Zegler publicly disparaging the classic story, contributing to already plummeting favorability ratings for the once-iconic company, The Daily Wire announced Monday it will make its own live-action adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale,” states the announcement. “The film, which is set to release in 2024, will be the first feature-length production of its newly-launched kids entertainment platform, Bentkey, and will star The Daily Wire’s own YouTube superstar host of ‘The Comments Section,’ Brett Cooper.”

The announcement comes with the news of the Daily Wire investing over $100 million into children’s entertainment with the launch of Bentkey, described as “a kids entertainment streaming service that includes original — called “Bentkey Adventures” — and licensed content and characters that families will love and parents can trust. Bentkey is dedicated to creating the next generation of timeless stories that transport kids into a world of adventure, imagination, and joy.”

“Instead of telling stories about timeless truth, what the ancient fairy tales were all about, Disney’s new ‘Snow White’ is an apology for their past and will expose children to the popular but destructive lies of the current moment,” said Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing. “It’s a story about a princess and a prince, about beauty and vanity, about love and its power to raise us from death to life. It’s our own adaptation of an ancient fairy tale.”

Brett Cooper said, “I was raised on the original Grimms’ Fairy Tales, so I’m thrilled that we’re bringing this iconic story to life for the next generation!” Snow White is such a beautiful character, and I’m honored to be playing her. Like all the best fairy tales, this is a story with timeless values, like love, friendship, and kindness, and I can’t wait to share them.” 

Watch the trailer:

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