Cyborg Confirmed For The Flash Movie Again


cyborg flash movie Cyborg Confirmed For The Flash Movie Again

It’s once again being said Cyborg will be appearing in The Flash movie.

Following producer Deborah Snyder already having confirmed Cyborg for The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller, and Flash director Rick Famuyiwa teasing a team-up, now Variety is stating more of the same.

Sources filled them in that Ray Fisher and Cyborg will be a part of The Flash, but in what capacity is unknown.

It’s noted Cyborg’s appearances in Batman Vs. Superman, Justice League and The Flash are intended to create interest for the character and the planned Cyborg 2020 movie.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg was fully revealed in the recent Justice League trailer, and the Batman vs. Superman cameo saw Cyborg created through use of one of three mother boxes located on Earth.

“Justice League” has a November 17, 2017 release; “The Flash” hits March 16, 2018; “Justice League” 2 lands June 14, 2019.


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