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Review: The Walking Dead #98

Posted: 05/30/2012 - 10:55 COMMENT

(Editor's Note: Extreme Spoilers Dead Ahead!)


The signs were on the wall. The ominous 100th issue looming in the distance, the happiness that has befallen numerous characters lately, but it is the covers that have given it all away! I told you all last time — when Robert Kirkman and crew decide to churn out the infamous "RED" covers, bad things happen to our favorite band of survivors! And I've never lied to you, have I? Well, only that one time, but we made it out of that Mexican prison pretty much unscathed — so it was worth it! 

Here's a gentlemanly tip: If you do not want to know any spoilers — stop now! If you are itching to see what Kirkman has done to all the characters we hold so dear, read on. But I warn you, once you know you can never go back!

Issue #98 begins with Abraham and Eugene walking to find supplies in order to manufacture bullets. But all is not what it seems, danger awaits them in the darkness, and it will change the status quo of The Walking Dead forever! Meanwhile back home, Rick and Andrea are working on their new relationship as machine gun fire rings out in the distance! It's all hands on deck as our band of survivors rush to the gates to see what is happening. Negan has sent a retaliation squad to their very doorstep and everything changes in the blink of an eye! One character does all he can in order to survive, but survival is not in the cards for everyone — as a major character dies! 

Now, I will not tell you exactly who dies — where's the fun in that? But, if you read carefully, I have given you all the clues you need to piece it together! I for one, was completely shocked at how Robert Kirkman completely makes a reader feel numb as they watch these characters die. You cannot even catch your breath as you are thrown through a whirlwind of chaos, let alone have time to fully process what has just happened! And the most gut wrenching part, is that you know things are just going to get worse from here. There is no stopping it, the juggernaut of fear will roll over everyone until there is nothing left! In the end, as our survivors try to deal with what just happened, there is an overwhelming sense of bewilderment. Their confidence is gone, their bravado is gone, their ammo is almost gone and the worst part is — their attackers are gone! Nothing will ever be the same, and I thank Robert Kirkman for giving us these characters to get so emotionally attached to. Comics are suppose to make you feel something, this one certainly will. Issue 100 is coming — I just hope there is anyone left for issue 101!