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Producer Charles Roven Gets The Boot Because of Batman Vs. Superman

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/24/2016 - 21:33 COMMENT

Long time DC producer Charles Roven is reported to be getting diminished responsibilities as a result of the disappointing performance of Batman Vs. Superman.

Roven, who has been on the every DC film since Christopher Nolan's 2005 Batman Begins, is said to no longer be producing certain DC movies, according to THR, with The Flash and Aquaman named (movies not yet filming).

It's said talks are underway within WB to have Charles Roven as more of an executive producer role and one who is not involved in day-to-day production.

It is said that Roven could still be a producer on various sequels of movies he is already producing.

Charles Roven was producer on Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman and is currently the producer on Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League.

It's noted that one reason for the shift is due to WB wanting to increase the number of DC productions, with it said it's physically impossible for one man to handle all the load.

It recently became known that Geoff Johns and WB exec Jon Berg are now co-running the DC films, with this report adding Berg is handling day-to-day operations on Justice League.

Regarding Zack Snyder receiving any blame, no report has specifically mentioned any ramifications for the director, which could be due to WB simply not wanting bad publicity with Justice League coming out. It is said WB is moving away from Zack Snyder's "brain trust" of which Charles Roven was a part of (and wife Deborah, Richard Suckle and Wesley Collar).