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Power Rangers 2017 Movie Title & Characters Revealed

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/28/2015 - 19:12 COMMENT


Update: The following info may be wrong as Saban has confirmed they are using original characters names.

With four of the five rangers cast in the upcoming Power Rangers movie, new details about the characters and title have become known.

According to Collider, the official title for the movie is Saban's Power Rangers, with Saban being co-creator Haim Saban.

It's said Saban's script is currently being tweaked with the relevation of the names of the Power Rangers in the film as follows:

• Callum Oliver – The Red Ranger/Tyrannosaurus

• Priya Patel – The Pink Ranger/Pterodactyl

• Brian Olson – The Blue Ranger/Triceratops

• Oscar Fernandez – The Black Ranger/Mastodon

• Teyana Jones – The Yellow Ranger/Sabre-tooth Tiger

It's suggested the use of new names may mean Saban's Power Rangers may not be a reboot and will feature an all-new team, and we also see each Power Ranger is paired up with their respective Zord.

It's also said the original costumes will be appearing, but in what capacity is unknown.

The budget is also said to be at $35 million, which as noted may sound low, but it's similar to Maze Runner and the cast is composed of virtual unknowns.

"Saban's Power Rangers" has a January 13, 2017 release.