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Mark Millar Talks Civil War & Spider-Man Back At Marvel

Matt McGloinPosted: 03/02/2015 - 00:59

Mark Millar recently attended the Glassgow Film Festival where he participated in a QnA with IGN about his Civil War Marvel comic book and Spider-Man returning to Marvel.

Millar offered the following about Spider-Man, and you can listen to more above where Millar compares writing the Civil War comic with juggling gasoline due to all the tie-ins, talks using the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson in the comic and more.

People kept saying to me 'they can't do [Captain America] Civil War' without Spider-Man,' but in the actual book Spider-Man only appears in about six pages.

In the end what they've got is Spider-Man back, which is actually great as somebody who has been baffled by the last two Spider-Man films, the idea of Marvel getting it back does feel like 'coming home' a little bit. It's not that they can do no wrong. Thor 2 wasn't very good and Iron Man 2 wasn't very good, so they have their misfires as well, but I think Spider-Man is like the holy grail for them. They are not going to mess this up. They are going to make it great. All eyes are on them, so they have to bring their A-game.

Mark Millar is known for Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and his Starlight comic is coming to the big screen with Star Wars writer Gary Whitta on the screenplay.