Looks Like No Suicide Squad Ultimate Cut

Matt McGloin Posted: 08/05/2016 - 01:00 COMMENT

For fans hoping for a Suicide Squad Ultimate Cut, that might not be in the cards.

Following the disappointing theatrical release of Batman Vs. Superman, an extended Ultimate Cut was released, which I felt was a heck of a lot better than the movie version.

With Suicide Squad currently mirroring Batman Vs. Superman over at Rotten Tomatoes with a paltry 27% positive rating (dropping 11% in the past day or two), and it also learned a lot of Jared Leto Joker scenes were cut from the movie, I've seen some fans online hoping for a Suicide Squad Ultimate cut.

The reason there may not be a Suicide Squad Ultimate Cut is because the theatrical release of Suicide Squad is director David Ayer's version. Regarding Batman vs. Superman, Zack Snyder wanted to put out a longer theatrical version, but was turned down by WB brass. 

Ayer filled in Collider that they have "a chunk" of deleted scenes for the Suicide Squad Blu-Ray with "definitely over 10 minutes of material on there." Ayer continues with confirmation the theatrical version of Suicide Squad is his cut.

"But this cut of the movie is my cut, there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, the released movie is my cut," Ayer said. "And that’s one of the toughest things about writing, shooting, and directing a film, is you end up with these orphans and you f---ing love them and you think they’d be amazing scenes and do these amazing things but the film is a dictatorship (laughs), not a democracy, and just because something’s cool and charismatic doesn’t mean it gets to survive in the final cut. The flow of the movie is the highest master.”

You can watch one of those cut Jared Leto Joker scenes here.

I'm also going to post a slight spoiler following this image why a Suicide Squad Ultimate cut wouldn't even work.

Suicide Squad Spoiler Warning:

The biggest flaw with the movie is the villain. I can't see how they can fix that with added scenes. Sure it would be cool to see more of Leto's Joker (I actually had no problem with his screen time), but I'm guessing it wouldn't add anything to the story, which overall I felt was extremely lacking. The villain (not the actor who played the role) was awful. Again, just my opinion.