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Joss Whedon Faces $10 Million Lawsuit Over Cabin In The Woods

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/15/2015 - 10:33 COMMENT


With The Avengers 2 set to open in only two weeks, Joss Whedon has been hit with a $10 million copyright infringement lawsuit over the 2012 movie Cabin In The Woods.

THR reports in addition to Whedon, director and co-creator Drew Goddard and Lionsgate have been named as defendants on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by Peter Joseph Gallagher who claims Whedon and Goddard infringed on his novel, The Little White Trip: A Night In The Pines, which is claimed to shared similar themes, characters and instances with the movie.

Gallagher alleges that Goddard and Whedon came to know about his book when he self-published the novel and “began grassroots efforts” to sell it on the Venice Beach boardwalk and on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. "[The defendants] currently reside and operate out of Santa Monica, California, a short distance from where the Book was sold," the lawsuit reads. 

You can read the full complaint here.

Cabin In The Woods grossed about $67 million at the box office and instantly became a cult-favorite. It's a great horror flick, if you haven't seen it.