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Captain America Fan Hopes James Gunn's Cat Gets Thrown Into Wood Chipper

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/29/2016 - 21:09 COMMENT

Yesterday saw Stephen Amell respond to an overzealous(!) fan, and now James Gunn does as well.

Long story short, James Gunn blasted the rabid Captain America fans for their response to Marvel Comics changing up the character's origins.

Well, one fan in particular wasn't happy with what Gunn had to say, so he let Gunn have it, making a comment about throwing Gunn's cat in a wood chipper (Gunn is a big animal lover) among other things.

Gunn wasn't too thrilled with that and followed up with additional comments of his own.

As I tweeted out, I think with Memorial Day weekend here, everybody needs to relax a bit.

Fan comment:

Gunn responding further on Facebook:

Yesterday I was called an anti-Semite, a Nazi supporter, blamed for Johnny Depp beating his wife (really), and wished chopped-meatness upon my cat Emily. All of this because I said that blaming a ruined childhood on a plot twist in a comic book was unreasonable.

It's important to note that I never even argued FOR the plot twist. I can see someone being upset or angered by the twist. I can see not liking it and posting negative thoughts about it on the Internet. But balance is an important part of life, and blaming it for ruining our lives, or wishing harm to someone because of it, is not rational. If people said all of those things to me after an idle FB post, can you imagine what they're saying to the WRITER?

Sometimes the pop culture figures we love are going to do different things than what we want them to do. Sometimes it will be because of bad storytelling and sometimes it will be because the creators simply have different ideas than we do. We can complain about it, but being hyperbolic about it isn't healthy and attacking folks for it isn't kind. And if you're doing those things, I suggest you have bigger issues in your life that need examining.

It's Memorial Day weekend. In memory of all those who sacrificed themselves for freedom, let's use it wisely (i.e. not throwing my pet in a wood chipper).