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Advanced Review: The Walking Dead #100

Posted: 07/10/2012 - 22:54 COMMENT

100 issues! 100 issues of one of the most unnerving and highly acclaimed books that grace the shelves of your LCS each month! When I started reading Robert Kirkman's opus to survival horror back in issue six, Charlie Adlard's first issue, issue one hundred seemed so far away. But here it is, and believe me, you DO NOT want to miss this one! This is the issue where everything changes, and with ten different covers — you literally CAN'T miss it!

We all know by now, that Mr. Kirkman loves to build up a story before ending it with a crashing crescendo of mayhem! Well, he does not disappoint with this historic issue! 

I actually found this issue very hard to read. Not because of any pacing or plot issues, but rather, do to the horrific events that transpire within. We have all grown to see these characters as much more than two dimensional drawings over the years. The characterization has always been the factor that has kept this book expanding, and it is that same extreme detail to characterization — that makes us become unnerved when terrible things happen to them. This issue, in particular, will make you cringe!

Robert Kirkman has always been able to manipulate a bevy of emotions from a reader. From joy to utter revulsion, he can twist a plot so that it is not an unforeseen conclusion to a story, but an unrelenting one! You are forced, head first, into horrific situations that will bewilder you with the sheer depths of human cruelty. And just when you think you can take no more, he astonishes you with something even worse!

I will not give any spoilers to this issue! You need to read this unrelenting force of brutality for yourselves! It will shock you at how depraved humans can be when all the shackles of civilization have been shook off. You not only owe it to yourselves to get this book, but we ALL owe it to Kirkman for giving us such an introspective look at the human condition all these years. Who would have thought a "little zombie" book could become all this spectacle?!

Congratulations for 100 issues of amazing stories TWD crew! Can't wait to see issue 1,000! And to all you fans that thought no one could be more evil than the Governor — there's a new kid in town! Now get reading!