Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Gets A Release Date


Warner Bros. has given Christopher Nolan’s next movie a release date with July 17, 2020.

Per the norm with Nolan’s latest movies, the title and plot are currently unknown, but it will be released in IMAX.

Four out of the last five movies Christopher Nolan directed have been released in July with Dunkirk, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and The Dark Knight.

Dunkirk made over $520 million at the box office, his Batman movies made over $2 billion, and Inception brought in over $828 million.

Dunkirk also scored eight Oscar nominations and three wins, with Heath Ledger winning an Oscar posthumously for The Dark Knight, and Nolan has received Oscar nominations for Dunkirk (Best picture, Director), Inception (Picture, Original Screenplay), and Memento (Original Screenplay).

Christopher Nolan