Chris Pratt Would Join James Gunn and the DCU

Marvel Studios has yet to announce anything new for the Guardians, so why not jump to the direct competition?

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Could Chris Pratt be suiting up with his Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, in the DCU?!

Following a recent visit to the Superman set, Pratt was asked if he would join the DCU, which he said he would.

Pratt starred as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, for Gunn in the three Guardians of the Galaxy movies and in Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame and appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel Studios hasn’t made any announcements about further plans for the Guardians of the Galaxy, so how about Pratt jumping ship to the direct competition with Gunn?

“Well, there’s always a chance,” Pratt told TMZ when asked if he could be joining the DCU. “Of course, I wouldn’t be able to spoil it here on the sidewalk with you,” he joked.

When questioned which role he would do in the DCU, Pratt responded, “Man, I just have to leave that to the fans and to people like James to decide. I’m not exactly sure. I’m truly not sure.”

When pressed if he is totally open for it, Pratt responded, “Yes. Of course.”

He continued, “If it can fit into my schedule and it made sense, I would love it. Of course, I love playing Star-Lord and so hopefully there is a chance that can come back. I just feel so so blessed to be able to do any of it, to be considered for any of it. If it’s right and the fans would love it, then I’d be more than happy to do it.”

chris pratt booster gold

Any ideas who Chris Pratt could play in the DCU? Fan-casting has the actor as Booster Gold.

Chris Pratt also reunites with the Russo Brothers on Netflix’s The Electric State which also stars Giancarlo Esposito, Ke Huy Quan, Billy Bob Thornton and Anthony Mackie as they take on robots:

Set in an alternative future, it tells the story of a teenage girl who realizes that a strange but sweet robot who comes to her has actually been sent by her missing brother.  She and the robot set out to find the brother in an imaginative world of humans mixing with robots all shapes and sizes and uncover a grand conspiracy in the process. Based on Simon Stålenhag’s graphic novel.

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