The Chief In Wonder Woman Is A Demi-God


napi demi god wonder woman

Did anyone else – while watching the Wonder Woman movie – get an Apache Chief Superfriends vibe?

Turns out it’s not far from the truth as the actor that plays the Chief in the film, Eugene Brave Rock, confirms his character is a demi-god.

In the Wonder Woman movie, the Chief actually introduces himself as Napi, a Blackfoot demi-god, to Steve Trevor; however, if you didn’t speak the Blackfoot language, you obliviously wouldn’t have known, as it wasn’t subtitled.

The info was first confirmed by Indian Country Today (via io9) who reported on the translation and added that Napi the demi-god is known as being a trickster and a storyteller.

Wonder Woman is also a demi-god, which is the offspring of a human and a god.