Check Out DC Entertainment’s Hollywood HQ (Video)


dc offices batman superman wonder woman

DC recently made the move from NYC to the West Coast, now check out an inside look at their new headquarters in the following video right in time for the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman.

The video kicks off with Executive Director of DC Collectibles, Jim Fletcher, who offers a look at some of the latest upcoming action figures including the super cool Batwing from Batman: The Animated Series. Collectibles revealed include Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman sword and shield from the movies and more.

From there the video heads to a super secret vault where some of DC’s most rare items are stored from its early beginnings all the way up to today. Action Comics #1 is featured as well as the Ash Can version of the comic. Superman is also shown to be blond (a mistake) on the recently found cover of New York World’s Fair Comics! A Batman drawer is also shown with the news that Batman is currently the most dominant and best selling DC character, but it is said Superman is the greatest selling comic book. Pages of Wonder Woman are also shown off. 

Finally the video heads on over to the props area where costumes are on display including Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Superman costume, and Christian Bale’s Batman The Dark Knight Rises costume .