Captain America 4 Ditching ‘New World Order’ Title [Rumor]

Rumors and speculation offer Kevin Feige might be making a title change to go bigger than ever.

Rumors and speculation offer Kevin Feige might be making a title change to go bigger than ever.

Captain America 4 Ditching 'New World Order' Title [Rumor]

It’s claimed that Marvel and Captain America 4 are ditching the “New World Order” from the title.

The rumor comes from the CanWeGetToast Twitter account which teased on Wednesday, “Captain America: Untitled releases a year from today!”

A fan spotted the tweet and questioned if the title is getting changed, which saw CanWeGetToast reply, “Yes it is.”

Fans then questioned if the title is getting dropped because of the Writers Guild going on strike, but the account said the strike has nothing to do with the title change.

Regarding why the change, the Twitter account didn’t offer any details but there are theories. More on that below.

Also worth a mention is that assuming the info is true, this isn’t the first time a Captain America movie has seen its title change. Originally, Kevin Feige announced Captain America 3 to be “Serpent Society,” but the story goes following Zack Snyder announcing Batman vs. Superman, Feige decided to play follow the leader and changed Captain America 3 to Civil War.

Update: The new title is announced to be Brave New World.

captain america new world order title change
Anthony Mackie as Captain America

Why is Captain America 4 removing “New World Order” from its title?

This is all speculation and theory, but what follows could be possible spoilers for the movie.

A Redditor actually comes up with a decent explanation of possibly why the title is getting changed as it has to do with the rights surrounding the Hulk.

Currently, Universal Pictures actually owns the distribution rights to the Hulk which is why there hasn’t been a Hulk movie since 2008’s Incredible Hulk and that also means Marvel can’t use Hulk in the title and, I believe, the Hulk can’t be the main character in an MCU movie. So in something like Thor: Ragnarok, it couldn’t be titled “Thor and Hulk” (or whatever) and the Hulk couldn’t have a second of more screentime than Thor.

Well, Captain America: New World Order is claimed to be a movie featuring multiple Hulks and there have been rumors about a World War Hulk or World War Hulks movie in development for some time.

It’s guessed that Marvel might actually be getting the rights back to the Hulk, so if that is the case, it sounds like Kevin Feige wants to change the title of Captain America: New World Order to use the Hulk name, obviously something a lot more recognizable.

The title could possibly be something like “Captain America: World War Hulks” — which would obviously give fans a heads-up that there is some sort of huge feud taking place surrounding the Hulk/Hulks.

Harrison Ford Red Hulk fan art
Fan art

Harrison Ford a big reason?

A big part of the title change could also be Harrison Ford who is playing Thaddeus Ross, where it’s thought Harrison Ford could be also playing the Red Hulk.

So if the title is actually Captain America: World War Hulk, that would make Harrison Ford – arguably one of the most famous actors of all time – the center of things and obviously great for promotion.

To further add to the mix, and not to spoil too much, it’s thought Captain America 4 will be introducing adamantium to the MCU for the first time, and we all know a certain adamantium-laced mutie whose origins tie to the Hulk, right?

We can also add that adding Hulk to the title will give it the further benefit of adding a popular character to the title, especially when Feige and Marvel have been getting a lot of heat as of late for replacing original characters.

I also think it’s a safe thing to say that Anthony Mackie as Captain America isn’t as big of a sell as Chris Evans as Cap (people didn’t flock to watch the Disney+ show ), and arguably people like and prefer Mackie better as Falcon, so adding a Hulk to the title could certainly benefit things and help give the flick a bump.

Captain America: Untitled(?) has a current May 3, 2024 release date.

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