Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie Goes Top Gun: Gets A Flight Helmet

More promo art hits the net offering a possible leak about the flick which follows Falcon and Red Hulk.

captain america 4 anthony mackie flight helmet

It looks as if Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is feeling the need – the need for speed – in Captain America 4 judging by new art that has made its way online.

Sam Wilson, of course, was at first Falcon in the MCU before Steve Rogers passed the torch at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

As Falcon, he has wings and can fly; however, now it appears as if Sam Wilson will soar to new heights along with actor Danny Ramirez who returns as Joaquin Torres and will play the MCU’s new Falcon.

captain america brave new world anthony mackie harrison ford

Check out the new art

Promo art for Captain America: Brave New World happens to feature a pair of flight helmets: one for Mackie’s Cap on the left and one for Ramirez’s Falcon on the right.

It’s probably safe to assume that the each don flight helmets so they can breathe at high altitudes as the flight helmets will pump in oxygen, or who knows? Maybe even space or close to it?

Judging by the art it also seems as if they team up as I believe Ramirez’s Falcon will be the “Robin” to Mackie’s Cap.

Or how about since the suit will have some sort of oxygen tank, that would obviously be some sort of big target, right? Well, hopefully, Mackie’s Cap can also fly at super fast speeds (another reason he might need the helmet).

captain america brave new world harrison ford anthony mackie

Lots of promo art hitting the net

We’ve also seen Captain America 4 promo art featuring a look at Mackie, the new Falcon, and even the Red Hulk.

Lots of promo art seems to be hitting the net as, originally, Brave New World (“New World Order”) was supposed to be released this week but has been pushed back until next year.

captain america brave new world anthony mackie

Massive reshoots

It has been claimed there are all kinds of problems with the movie, with the script and action scenes, so it’s undergoing massive reshoots to get things right.

Captain America: Brave New World gets released on February 14, 2025 directed by Julius Onah and also stars Harrison Ford, Carl Lumbly, and Tim Blake Nelson.

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