Caity Lotz Talks Canary In Arrow/Flash Spinoff; Confirms Firestorm



In a surprise move, Caity Lotz will be featured in the planned superhero team spinoff of The Flash and Arrow.

Lotz’s fan-favorite character, Sara Lance (aka Canary), was killed off during Season 3 of Arrow, which became a major plot point.

With the announcement that Lotz will now be featured on the new superhero team that is set in the same universe in which she was seemingly killed off, speculation is running wild.

The original report made mention that Lotz may either somehow return as Canary or even play a new superhero all-together.

As fans of Arrow (and Batman) know, the Lazarus Pit can heal the sick and ressurect the dead; so there would be an out for Canary.

While it’s also possible Canary may have faked her yet death again, Lotz recently attended Wizard World Chicago and was asked about the spinoff.

“That’s a good question,” Lotz responded when asked if her character would even be seen again. “So, yeah. Sara Lance definintely died in episode 1 of Season 3.

“Has anybody heard about the spinoff?” Lotz asked the audience. “So there is a new show in development, and I am so excited to finally be able to talk about this. The Atom, Firestorm, my character, and so I guess that is a big thing that is going on. Everyone keeps asking me on the internet; they’re like, ‘Well, you’re dead. How are you going to be on the new show? Is it just going to be flashbacks or are you playing a whole new character? Are you Sara Lance?’

“I would love to tell you” Lotz offered. “But I think they might kill me. How many times have I died already? Sara Lance has died, I think three times. So you never know.”

Lotz does note “my character” which may have been a slip, or she’s just possibly referring to herself.

Lotz also confirms Firestorm, which would mean Robbie Amell is a part of the spinoff (previous details just made mention of Victor Garber playing Dr. Stein).

Brandon Routh is confirmed as Atom, and Wentworth Miller will be playing Captain Cold, in addition to three new DC heroes being a part of the team.

The untitled superhero team series looks to debut next Fall or possibly next mid-season.

Check out more with Caity Lotz from Wizard World Chicago in the following video.