‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Chapter 2 Sucks Just Like The First Episode


Greenlight a series and rush it to order and production? That’s The Book of Boba Fett in a nutshell as Disney Plus is obviously in desperate need of much-needed content to keep its low subscription base from dropping even further.

That’s the only reason I can explain why the series is so bad–that it’s rushed as the story is really, really, really bad.

Wednesday saw Chapter Two air, “The Tribes of Tatooine,” which was another embarrassing episode for Boba Fett just like the first episode.

I thought Boba Fett was supposed to be some renowned galactic badass bounty hunter, but instead, Disney is giving us this crusty old man that can barely do diddley squat.

Boba even says he isn’t a bounty hunter in the episode, but at least twice he is told he is. Huh? 

The episodes are a whole-buncha-nothing-happening.

The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 2

Boba Fett is a big wuss

I’m actually hoping that Boba Fett was switched by another clone during Return of the Jedi and that the real Boba Fett is out there somewhere or maybe that the Disney Star Wars stuff is a part of a Multiverse? That would be okay.

This is the same Boba from Empire Strikes Back? Cue the Chris Evans laughing meme.

Just hearing the name “Boba Fett” should make people think twice, but this is no Boba Fett, it’s some 60-year-old guy who doesn’t know how to fight and is getting trained by a bunch of backward filthy sand people and constantly gets his ass delivered to him–save when he was trained by a Tuscan Raider (what? Boba doesn’t know how to fight?) and gets to finally beat up a bunch of thugs in a bar, something he should have been able to do from the get-go.

Boba Fett should be wiping Tattooine with most of these degenerates but instead, Boba Fett is made, for the most part, to look like a pathetic weakling who needs to undergo some sort of “personal journey” to become something more? Something better?

He’s Boba Fett, dude, he’s already badass. Or was. 

It’s another character destroyed at the hands of Disney Star Wars.


Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back

Will the real Boba Fett please stand up?

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