Blame Green Lantern For Young Justice Cancellation


green lantern movie young justice cancelled

It's learned why Young Justice and the Green Lantern: The Animated Series were cancelled.

While it's already been said Young Justice was cancelled due to toy sales, it's learned the failure of the Green Lantern movie is to blame.

Since the Green Lantern movie bombed big time at the box office, retailers didn't want any more Green Lantern toys, and it turns out the Young Justice and GL: TAS toys were bundled with the Green Lantern movie toys, so with one out of the picture, so goes all the others.

Khary Payton, who voiced Aqualad on Young Justice, offered the following details in the below video (via reddit): 

"[The reason why the Young Justice toyline failed was that] Green Lantern bombed at the box office. That was a big part of it. We were all kind of grouped together. When you make a toy deal all those decisions go together with all the projects that are happening. So you’ve got the Green Lantern television show and Young Justice, and we were all kinda bundled together with that movie. When it didn’t do very well at the box office, not that it didn’t do very well, it did horribly, and it’s kind of like having a run on the bank, Walmart and Target were like “stop making toys.” And you can’t stop making just the Green Lantern [movie] toys, it’s everything that was bundled in there. So when they turned that one off, the faucet turned off on all of those projects and all the toys that were funding Young Justice and Green Lantern The Animated Series and that kind of thing. So it was more just bad timing I would say."

Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds debuted in 2011 and made a total worldwide gross of $219.8 million, with a U.S. gross of only $116.6 million.

The good news is that Young Justice Season 3 is currently underway and hopefully this time it isn't "bundled" with anything.