Black Widow: Massive Drop Expected For Second Weekend


Following its disappointing opening weekend, now it is expected the Black Widow second weekend at the box office will suffer a massive drop.

According to Deadline, following its lower than the estimated opening of $80 million, Black Widow is expected to have a second weekend gross of only $24-28 million.

That would be a massive 65-70% drop assuming Deadline’s numbers are correct as the site usually overestimates Marvel movies for some reason.

Similar to the poor opening weekend performance, Deadline is also using Disney Plus as an excuse – where the movie costs an extra $29.99 on top of the subscription cost – as the site notes, “The decline takes into account Black Widow‘s availability on Disney+ Premier.”

Though there is no way to verify it, Disney is claiming Black Widow opened with $60 million worldwide on Disney Plus, so it will be interesting to see if Disney reports the second-weekend numbers as well; however, it stands to reason that those who would watch it on Disney Plus would watch it when first released and not wait until the next weekend, so expect a huge drop from Disney Plus as well.

It’s also noted that Black Widow‘s first Monday box office ($7.16M) got beat out by the first Monday of Paramount’s A Quiet Place II ($9.54M).

What is also alarming is that the movie is playing at over 4,100 theaters, so it’s not like the pandemic can be blamed.

Checking Rotten Tomatoes, Black Widow is at an 80% Critics Score, but the MCU fans give it a 92%, so we see there is a big difference in how Kevin Feige’s fanbase perceives the film compared to the reviewers, which is actually surprising.

I still have yet to see the flick, but will probably see it sometime in the next couple of days.

Black Widow Taskmaster

Black Widow box office:

Friday: $39,510,446

Saturday: $23,305,929 -41%

Sunday: $17,549,937 -24.7%

Monday: $7,163,140 -59.2%

Foreign: $78,000,000

Disney Plus: $60 million

Total: $225,529,452