‘Black Adam’ Audience Score Destroys Rotten Tomatoes Critics

The fans think a lot differently about Black Adam than the critics which is per the norm for a Dwayne Johnson movie.

The fans think a lot differently about Black Adam than the critics which is per the norm for a Dwayne Johnson movie.

'Black Adam' Audience Score Destroys Rotten Tomatoes Critics

The fans have voted.

Black Adam is now in theaters with the Thursday previews so that means fans can rate the movie as part of the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, which is currently destroying the Critics Score, just as I predicted.

Currently, the Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Score is at a massive 90% while the Critics Score is only at 40%.

The flick also has a 7.4 rating on IMDb, not bad by any means.

The 90% gives it one of the best Rotten Tomatoes Audience Scores for a Dwayne Johnson movie, in line with Red Notice, Jungle Cruise, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and Jumanji.

'Black Adam' Rotten Tomatoes Score
‘Black Adam’ Rotten Tomatoes Score

Critics don’t like Dwayne Johnson but fans do

As I went over in my previous article about the Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Score, there is a large gap and a big difference between what the critics like and what the fans like when it comes to the Dwayne Johnson movies.

Hopefully, The Rock doesn’t take offense to this, but the Dwayne Johnson movies aren’t exactly the Godfather so don’t go in expecting an Oscar-nominated Best Picture film.

'Black Adam' is now in theaters
‘Black Adam’ is now in theaters

Black Adam is a balls to the wall comic book spectacle

But what I can guaran-damn-te is a balls-to-the-wall comic book spectacle when it comes to Black Adam!

Without giving away spoilers, the movie is full of TONS of action and I mean TONS!

I also felt Black Adam gave nods to the Snyder Verse, particularly Man of Steel, and it also syncs up well with the James Gunn stuff and the DCEU.

Of course, there is that mid-credit scene where I will say my audience erupted and little kids were yelling the character’s name out loud, and following the movie, kids were taking pictures in front of the movie poster at the theater with their dad (check out my Twitter).


Regarding what fans have to say, check out some quotes from the Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score below.

Black Adam Dwayne Johnson
DWAYNE JOHNSON on the set of New Line Cinema’s action adventure “BLACK ADAM,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release

Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score reviews:

– The movie was great full of action since the beginning me and my family loved it the story line and surprises were great!

– this movie was very fun. the action is great. best DCEU movie outside of The Suicide Squad

– Fun and entertaining with non-stop action. 2 hours seemed to fly by.

– This Movie exceeded my expectations. However, i didn’t have high hopes for it in the beginning. There were a couple of twists that i didn’t see coming and it played true to the comics. i definitely plan on seeing this movie at least one more time.

– I want to give credit where credit is due and I want to personally say this to Dwayne The Rock Johnson! screw the critics!screw the critics! you nailed it brother and yeah I think DC smells what The Rock is cooking besides all the hoopla and all the critics he only want to give you 54% on rotten tomatoes I give you a hundred 110% brother! your movie kicks ass and I think setting it up for another Superman movie you definitely definitely got something going and you will definitely get DC where it needs to be it’s a good luck and all your DC endeavors! for all that those fans out there all those marvel fans and DC fans I will say this!! the movie did have a good storyline it had good characters it did have parts that were moving! and I haven’t wanted to buy a movie on Blu-ray in a long time but I can honestly say I’ll be by this one on my for my collection! I don’t want to spoil it for other people make sure you watch it all the way past the credits to the very end because the rumors are true!!!!

– Who needs critics?, They were wrong this time! Great entertainment from DC. Told the story for for those that weren’t familiar very well. Enjoy for yourself!

– The “critics” are wrong again. Incredible movie. It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. It knows it’s a fun superhero movie and pulls that genre off better than anything I’ve seen since Shazam. Even my girlfriend who hates DC gave it a 7. It’s gotten to the point now if critics hate a movie I know it’s probably going to slap.

– great movie as long as you leave logic and reason at the door. The rock is fun. brosnan is great and the rest of the cast is… there. overall, it’s a super fun movie that never stops

– Perfect story. Good pace. Great choice of Characters. Outshines the JLA a bit. Stays True to the Comic as Well. Thank Geoff John’s For That. A+

– We LOVED EVERYTHING in this movie, the grandkids didn’t even get up once. (Ages 9 & 5) Neither did the grandparents, ready for the next one. The ROCK, ROCKED THIS MOVIE. I recommend everyone to see this movie, I hope it out does the high sales.

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