Ben Kingsley Joins Marvel’s ‘Wonder Man’ Series

Ben Kingsley Joins Marvel's 'Wonder Man' Series

Ben Kinsley has joined the cast of Marvel’s Wonder Man series returning as Trevor Slattery that is in development for Disney Plus.

Back in June saw the word the show is in development which is said to be a comedy series and a satire of Hollywood.

Ben Kinsley first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2013’s Iron Man 3 where it was thought at first he was The Mandarin, but then it was revealed he was a fake, Trevor Slattery, a struggling actor suffering from drug addictions and various legal problems where Aldrich Killian approached him to pose as the Mandarin.

Ben Kingsley in Shang-Chi
Ben Kingsley in Shang-Chi

Ben Kingsley appeared in Shang-Chi

Long story short, Tony Stark exposed Slattery as a fake, Slattery was imprisoned and then kidnapped by the real Mandarin, and recently appeared in Shang-Chi where he helped Shang-Chi escape from The Ten Rings Headquarters.

It’s guessed how it all relates to the Wonder Man series is that Slattery is a failed actor and in the comics, Wonder Man, aka Simon Williams, has been an actor and a stuntman, so it seems the two somehow either know each other or run into each other in Tinseltown.

Regarding the MCU, also in the comics, Simon Willians gets his power from Baron Zemo after his father’s company fails due to competition from Tony Stark, so maybe Daniel Brühl will also be a part of the series.

Rumors offer a former FX actor is up to play Wonder Man, with Henry Cavill’s name even mentioned.

Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton (Avengers: The Kang Dynast) will serve as executive producer on Wonder Man and could possibly direct episodes, with Andrew Guest writing the series who is known for writing comedies such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community.

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