Batman Possible For Next Season Of Arrow, The Flash & Supergirl?


batman arrow flash next season

Last week saw a new trailer released for Supergirl which mentioned Gotham (watch below).

Obviously as Gotham City is the home of a certain Dark Knight, it’s not a stretch to think the Supergirl trailer might be hinting at Batman.

There was actually even a rumor a while back that The CW was in negotiations with FOX to use Batman.

Now Supergirl executive producer Ali Adler addresses Batman and the Gotham City reference on the CW TV shows. 

“We have this beautiful history with DC, and I like that we get to borrow from this amazing, wonderful canon that we have,” Adler told TV Line. “I feel like we have our hands full with the crossover we’re shooting right now. I think people will be satisfied with how much crossover they’re getting this season.”

We see that Ali Adler didn’t specifically shoot down the use of Batman, so with Superman and Supergirl now a part of the Arrow and Flash universe (which no one thought would happen), Batman might be only a season away. In addition, a character in Supergirl Season 2 is connected to Batwoman with Maggie Sawyer. 

August of 2015 also saw Stephen Amell think Batman could work in the Arrowverse: “In the same way that [Ezra Miller’s] playing the Flash in the cinematic universe… I see no reason why we couldn’t have our own Bruce Wayne. That’s my opinion; that might not be DC’s opinion, and they’re the bosses.”

Regarding DC’s opinion, it’s now thought with Geoff Johns co-running the DC movies, that the mandates regarding the use of DC characters are relaxed, which is why Tyler Hoechlin is playing Superman on TV. If you think about it from a business perspective, having Batman on TV can only be a good thing as it’s DC’s most popular character, if not the most popular comic book character in the world.

A heavy fan-favorite choice to play Batman on The CW is Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles.

“Supergirl” Season 2 premiers Monday, October 10th at 8pm ET on The CW.