Batman Animated Movie Concept Art Leaks Online


What is claimed to be concept art for an animated Batman movie has leaked online offering a look at four characters including Batman, a female Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing.

The art was posted to various subreddits with “Batman TBA 2022 Animated movie art leak.” 

It’s unknown if this is for a Batman animated feature film or a part of the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release of films.  Regarding if it’s a theatrical release, maybe WB saw how well Spider-Verse did for Sony and wants to release a similar Batman animated film? It could also be a WBHE movie as they recently released the Death of Superman, Reign of the Supermen, and have Justice League vs The Fatal FiveWonder Woman: Bloodlines and Batman: Hush in the works. It doesn’t appear to be related to Hush, as a teaser poster features a different a style of art. Fans are hoping it’s Death of the Family. Of course, the art could be fake, but it looks pretty cool at least.

Update: It’s being claimed a Batman Beyond animated feature film is being released, so this could be for that.

Update #2: The Batman Beyond animated movie is not happening.

Animated Batman movie rumored concept art