The Batman 2 Filming Early 2025 Says Andy Serkis

The actor who plays Alfred Pennyworth gave fans an update while attending the recent ACE Superhero Comic Con.

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According to Andy Serkis who will be returning as Alfred Pennyworth, director Matt Reeves will be filming The Batman 2 in early 2025 with Robert Pattinson back as the Dark Knight.

Serkis recently appeared at the ACE Superhero Comic Con and gave fans an update.

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“Basically, I know nothing about the movie other than that I’ve just found out that we’re probably likely to be starting filming early next year. Therefore, if you do the math, it’ll be a year and a half after that,” said Serkis.

The Batman Part II has an October 2, 2026 release date. It’s probably safe to assume that due to all the actors’ busy schedules, the actors are now being given a timeline of when filming will happen.

Serkis continued, “I know that Matt [Reeves] is working really hard on the script. Matt Reeves being Matt Reeves, the extraordinary filmmaker that he is, I can only assume that it’s going to be another brilliant script, because I thought what he did with that first film was pretty amazing. I loved working with Rob Pattinson, and I really look forward to playing Alfred once more.”

While we wait for the new movie to be released, fans can satiate their appetite this September with The Penguin series starring Colin Farrell, which spins off from The Batman.

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Some fans even thought the sequel was getting canceled, which saw the co-head of DC films, James Gunn, reply on social media shooting down the claims, and Gunn also shot down a rumor The Batman 2 and 3 are shooting back to back, and a rumor about the villains.

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