Artist Chris Batista Reveals Nova Concept Art and Details From Old Pitch


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1038:]]About 7-8 years ago artist Chris Batista and DnA pitched a Nova – Richard Rider – story to Marvel.

Batista even created the following concept art images.

Here’s what Chris had to say on his Facebook:

”¢ From a Nova pitch I did with DnA……….

”¢  Definetly Richard Rider…..we had a badass Sci Fi epic, intergalactic war story mapped out. 

Ӣ It was a hard edge war story with a redefined Nova Corp. Rich would be a soldier and less of a superhero.

So what ended up happening?

”¢  I got signed to DC at the time and had to leave it behind. I read every issue jealously.

Regarding the Nova Corps, as seen below:

”¢  [I] wanted to make them less bland…..too bad we did’nt get to do it.

And Marvel passed on this idea?

”¢  they did….it resurfaced in a different form with DnA. Unfortunately they killed the Corps before they could get things going.