Armie Hammer’s Friend Offers Congrats For Green Lantern?


armie hammer green lantern friend

The latest regarding the possibility that Armie Hammer is playing Green Lantern comes from Instagram which sees Armie Hammer's friend congratulate the actor for Green Lantern.

Someone posted a screenshot from a private Instagram account where it shows Nick Delli Santi offering Armie Hammer congrats.

"I can't wait to see you in Green Lantern, Armie Hammer!" Nick Delli Santi's comment reads (see below).

Of course it is possible that Armie Hammer's friend is simply in on a ruse, and that Armie Hammer isn't playing Green Lantern, but maybe a different DCEU character (which I speculate for Ben Affleck's Batman). Earlier also saw Armie Hammer have some fun with the fans by teasing a huge announcement.

Regarding how Armie Hammer first got connected to possibly playing Green Lantern, it was revealed that both Geoff Johns and Joe Manganiello followed the actor on Twitter. Armie Hammer is a big favorite amongst fans (and even DC Comics artists) to play the new Hal Jordan Green Lantern. There is also the fact that Armie Hammer was up to play Batman in the defunct George Miller Justice League movie, so having Armie Hammer in the DCEU would be a welcome homecoming of sorts.

My pick? The 30-year-old Armie Hammer could be Nightwing or even the Red Hood in Ben Affleck's Batman.

armie hammer green lantern instagram

(via instagram and reddit)