Anthony Mackie ‘Rudest Human Being Alive’ Claims Fan After Gas Station Incident

Viral video has been viewed millions of times on social media of the fan's reaction.

anthony mackie rudest human alive

Anthony Mackie is currently trending on Twitter as a video is going viral in regards to a fan’s reaction to allegedly meeting the Marvel actor in New Orleans at a gas station, which has upset the fan.

Apparently, fans of Anthony Mackie know the actor doesn’t like to be approached in public, but one fan didn’t know that and, while noticing Mackie at a gas station, attempted to say hi to the actor which completely backfired and upset the fan.

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“Rudest human being alive”

According to what the fan says in the video, Mackie wasn’t having any of it and stopped the fan by putting out his hand and simply said “no,” which upset the fan as she felt insulted by him.

“So I just met Anthony Mackie,” says the fan. “And let me just say, rudest human being alive.”

The fan continued, “So I live in New Orleans. I’m here for Spring Break. Apparently, Anthony Mackie lives here, too. I pulled up to a gas station. Here, Anthony Mackie comes in his huge f’n truck, all blacked out, all f’n sleek, windows down,” she says. “So it’s like ‘if you don’t want people to come up to you and f’n say how much they appreciate your work, why the f’k are all your windows down and you’re blasting music, smoking a f’n cigar?”

The fan explains that she parked her car and was getting ready to bump her gas, so she “gently” walked up to him “being like, ‘Oh, my god, I’m so sorry to bother.'”

She says she realizes how busy actors are, so she walked up being “very respectful” and that she was sorry to bother him.

anthony mackie captain america

“We’re f’n roaches and rats”

The fan continues with Mackie’s reaction to her.

“Tell me why Anthony Mackie did this [motions one hand out and says] ‘No,'” she explains. “To my face!”

She continues, “And then just went back to what he was doing having me standing there. I was standing there in front of Anthony Mackie being like, ‘Oh. Should I go?'”

She says all she wanted to do was compliment Anthony Mackie’s work and “that was it!”

“But the f’n celebrities make it seem like we’re f’n roaches and rats,” she says in the video which has been viewed 3 million times on Twitter. “Bi-tch, I’m pumping… I’m at the same gas station as you, b-tch! Baby, we on the same level playing field! I’m pumping the same gas you pumping right now! And you can’t even look at me!”

“But I get a hand to the face stranded looking stupid!” she says.

She points at the video and says, “Anthony Mackie, the rudest celebrity. The rudest celebrity. You make celebrities look bad. You do! You make them look bad! You do.

Watch the video:

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