American Horror Story Season 8 Casts Anti-Christ

American Horror Story Season 8 Casts Anti-Christ

Following the official title reveal, now it’s learned that American Horror Story Season 8 has cast Cody Fern as Michael Langdon, the anti-christ.

American Horror Story Season 8, titled “Apocalypse,” will see the series crossover between Season 1’s “Murder House” and AHS Season 3’s “Coven.”

Fans will recall at the end of “Murder House” that Vivian (Connie Britton) gave birth to the anti-christ, fathered by Tate Landon, with Constance Landon (Jessica Lange) taking the baby. In an epilogue scene, the baby Michael is shown to have murdered his nanny, seemingly revealing and fullfilling himself as the anti-christ, which is what the medium Billie Dean first described him as being.

Now we know Cody Fern, known for Versace, is playing the grown up version of the character as American Horror Story Season 8 creator Ryan Murphy shared the news on social media.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres September 12 on FX starring Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Adina Porter, Cheyenne Jackson and newcomer Joan Collins.

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