American Horror Story: Asylum “The Origins of Monstrosity” Recap (Episode 6)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4253:]]Another episode of the popular sick and twisted FX horror series, American Horror: Asylum, aired this past Wednesday with “The Origins of Monstrosity.”

The episode started off with a little girl being brought to Sister Jude — a girl devoid of emotion and one that may have killed her playmate!

We are also witness to the Asylum in the present day, with police officers getting a call that inside they would find a few “pretenders,” where they were strung up all bloody, and of course DOA.

Back to Sister Jude, the mother of the little girl says she has two other kids at home and she can’t handle this one, as she isn’t normal. She pleads with Sister Jude only to be turned back, as while Sister Jude always wanted a children’s ward, they don’t have one presently and can’t take in a child.

Now we are at a hospital where Monsignor Timothy has been asked to give the last rights to someone. A someone that has TB – which is rare these days – and someone that a half dozen or so other priests passed on! Why? Because it’s what remains of Shelly (pictured right)!

Back to Sister Jude, she gets a call from the Israeli private investigator, to which she apologizes for bothering him as Anne Frank was a little coo-coo; however, the PI says regardless of her mental state she was correct about Dr. Arden! He was a Nazi collaborator and would need further proof from Sister Jude — a fingerprint from Arden. She accepts the task, when she is startled to see the little girl right in front of her! The girl has been abandoned by her mother! “Sister Mary Eunice!” Sister Jude screams.

We then get a flashback of when Msgr. Timothy first met Doctor Arden. Timothy was new to the Asylum with Arden saying now he can’t continue his work etc. Timothy asks what he would need, with Arden responding trials on humans, and that it would all look good for Timothy by Rome, as Arden is trying to create a cure for all illness. 

Next, Sister Mary Eunice is cutting up vegetables for dinner with a kitchen knife and she’s talking with the little girl. Sister Mary asks if the girl really killed her playmate, with the little girl denying it; however, Sister Mary says that the girl is lying — because Sister Mary knows everything — because Sister Mary is the devil! With that, we get a flashback to when Sister Mary was younger, before she became a nun. She was at a pool party where she was tricked into disrobing revealing her birthday suit, with all of her “friends” laughing at her. Sister Mary then tells the girl she is different and smarter than everybody, and puts down the kitchen knife.

Now to Lana Winters who wakes up in (her?) bed all snug and cozy. “It was all a nightmare,” she must be thinking —  think again! Thredson has her chained by the leg and is making dinner for her. She asks what happened to her lover’s body, with Thredson replying he put it somewhere where no one would find it. Thredson goes on to explain his origins, in that he was abandoned by his mother as a young child and grew up in an orphanage — which was devoid of almost any physical touch, with a leather strap being his only sole “comfort!” He explains that is why he went into psychology etc., where we get a flashback of Thredson in medical school. A dead female body is on the table with his “friends” making a joke how this is the only girl he’ll get close to. He laughs with them all, but later on, he is alone with the body and takes his shirt off — as well as undressing the body! He knew when he saw the body on the table that it was his “mother!” Not really his mother, but the same age, and in his insanity thinks – or desires – it to be! There is just one problem — the smell of formaldehyde and her dead skin! He needs something warm, and that is when his killing spree begins.

We also see the Msgr. confront Arden who has a new patient on his slab. A chronic flasher who Arden caught pleasuring himself while watching Sister Mary undress through a peep-hole — and it was Sister Mary’s idea. It doesn’t matter, as Arden grabs the unsuspecting pervert and he’s the next lab specimen! Msgr. Timothy argues with Arden about what he’s doing, with Arden shooting back that the Msgr. is just as guilty as everyone, and if Arden was exposed then Timothy would be as well! Arden then suggests Timothy do something about their mutual enemy. The Msgr. then tells Sister Jude he made a call to Pittsburgh to get her transferred!

Let’s go back to Lana Winters as Thredson says he’s not going to kill her because she’s the one. He knew it from the first moment he laid his eyes on her, which was after one of the murders. He saw Lana at the scene with a reporter explaining how the story needs a woman’s touch, etc. Thredson then tells Lana she is his mother!

Sister Jude is in her street clothes packing, she then goes to have a celebratory drink with Arden. She tells him he’s won and deserves a drink, to which he says he never drinks alone. So with that, Sister Jude takes a swig and ends up with a fingerprint from Arden.

Getting back to Msgr. Timothy, we see he is in the hospital with Shelly where he chokes her out with his rosary! Shelly is no more!

A phone rings in Sister Jude’s office, and while she is not there to answer it – her voice is! It’s Sister Mary and she pretends to be Sister Jude. On the other end of the line is the PI who says he has the documents! We then see the Israili PI at his hotel where a knock is heard on the door. It’s not Sister Jude — it’s Sister Mary!

From there, how about we find out what happened to the little girl? We see the police questioning her, with a kitchen knife in someone’s back! The little girl explains to the police that it was a man with a beard and a brown coat, which was the same explanation that she gave about what happened to her playmate! Her mom is dead with her two silblings‘ throats slit!

Back to Sister Mary, this time she is with Arden explaining what she had found and how she saved everything. Arden doesn’t like it when she calls him by his real name etc. Is this all the Jewish PI had? No! Sister Mary is keeping some of the documents to herself just in case Arden double crosses her, but not to worry as she is on his side!

Meanwhile, Kip had called Doctor Thredson with his one phone call asking what was going on with all this and the reported taped confession, with Thredson explaining that Kip should just come to terms with all the murders. Kip realizes he had been set up and calls Thredson a phony, which enrages Thredson! As they were on the phone, Lana was trying to escape out of her chains; however, Thredson sees that she has a heightened heartbeat and has been sweating, discovering her plan, and goes and gets his mask and scalpel! He says she is no different and is on top of here taking her clothes off ready to dig in! Lana manages to calm him down and say that she is his mother. Well, baby needs to feed! Thredson says he needs colustrum and begins to suck on her breast!

We are also taken back to the present day where the police officers discover the body of the man who got his arm cut off. However, the police know he wasn’t alone? Where is his wife? While she is on the table of Bloody Face, of course!

Finally, we see Sister Jude at the hotel knocking on the door. No one answers, but the door cracks open a bit. The place has been cleaned out, all except for the elder private investigator who lies in a pool of his own blood in the bathroom — with a piece of a mirror sticking out of his jugular! Sister Jude tries to console the old man, but there is no time for that he says. He has something to tell her — it was a nun! One of her own!

And that’s it for another episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.

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America Horror: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on AMC.