Ahsoka Episode 5 Review: Lots of Fan Service

The episode follows the excellent episode from last week.

The episode follows the excellent episode from last week.

Ahsoka Episode 5 Review: Lots of Fan Service

Ahsoka Episode 5 is now available on the Disney+ streaming service featuring lots of fan service which follows the excellent Episode 4.

It’s not a perfect episode by any means but it is still light-years better than the first three episodes.

The episode picks off where the last episode left off following Baylan having beaten Ahsoka in combat.

And yes, Baylan did beat Ahsoka which this episode makes quite clear.

ahsoka episode 5 5

The episode also reveals that Ahsoka fell into the ocean and apparently has been underwater for hours, yet somehow survives.

That’s really my only complaint about the episode, as the writing could do a better job.

Instead of drowning, they could have had Ahsoka hit her head or something. I think when she is saved she doesn’t even cough up any water. Okay.

This is more garbage along the lines of Princess Leia floating through space and the episode with Ahsoka in space. It’s laughable at best.

However, the counter with Anakin comes off really cool, and for fans of the Clone Wars animated series, there is big payoff.

ahsoka sith

I particularly liked how they suggested Ahsoka was wary about being too much like Anakin, as Anakin becomes Darth Vader. So since Ahsoka has Anakin inside her, is the potential there for Ahsoka to go to the Dark Side?

There is a cool scene where Anakin’s red lightsaber is reflected in Ahsoka’s eyes: Anakin has red Sith eyes, and the red lightsaber reflects in Ahsoka’s eyes making her eyes look like a Sith. Nice touch!

The scene reminded me of the Emperor tempting Luke to strike him down so Luke would become a part of the Dark Side. Anakin offers Ahsoka something similar: Life or Death. Ahsoka chooses Life.

ahsoka episode 5 1

A couple of other things I like is how Hera has rebelled against the Rebels, and I’m open to learning more about her son becoming a Jedi.

Regarding the Rebels, is it just me, or did anyone else notice all the leaders are females and there are no male characters on board the bridges? LOL.

ahsoka episode 5 2

The goofy space whales I can also do without, but my understanding is the first Jedi used space whales to travel the universe, so I guess there is an explanation but I still find them ridiculous (didn’t Star Trek do it first?).

What was missing from the episode were the two best characters, Baylan and Shin, but hopefully, we get a lot more from them in the remaining three episodes. Baylan will be missed.

ahsoka episode 5 3

Ahsoka didn’t look good with its first three episodes but shows promise with these two. Let’s hope for a strong finish. Long live Grand Admiral Thrawn.

ahsoka episode 5 4

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