Advanced Review: Ragemoor #1


Our good friends at Dark Horse have found it in their hearts to bestow a bevy of advance copies of this weeks books to the CBN offices. Hopefully, you checked out my other advanced review for the latest issue of B.P.R.D., Mike Mignola has been doing some amazing stuff! But Ragemoor, though within the horror genre, is not something from the mind of Mike Mignola. No my friends, it is from the classic horror duo of Jan Strnad and Richard Corben!

Ragemoor is steeped in pure classic horror and you will enjoy each and every black and white stunning page! Cut from the same vein as Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, or more recently Stephen King’s Rose Red, Ragemoor is about a monolithic castle that is more alive than some of it’s inhabitants. Built on blood and pain, it seethes and grows without the help of man. It’s own demonic rage is fuel enough to render itself larger with each passing day! And when a long lost uncle comes back to claim ownership, Ragemoor has plans all it’s own!

Horror fans have yet again been blessed with the artistic talent of Richard Corben! At seventy-one years old, Mr. Corben is still turning out some of the most amazing art I have ever seen! His skill is unprecedented, challenging the most artistic talent in the field today, and inspiring those itching to break into the business. Combined with the compelling tale by Jan Strnad, this duo has created a contemporary classic that nods to the past while forging the future of horror comics. You are literally waiting for Vincent Price to enter the panel, putting his stamp of approval upon a book that can bridge the gap between then and now. If you are remotely interested in the horror genre at all, this is the book that will make you an instant fan for life! I cannot recommend it enough!