Advanced Review: The Legend of Luther Strode #1


It has been five years since Luther Strode decided to read “The Hercules Method” and his world was torn completely apart. His mother and his best friend were brutally murdered and by the final page, he is left utterly alone to dwell with what he has become. 

But now, Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore have brought there “bogeyman” for evildoers back into the spotlight — creating a morbidly solemn character that transcends the moniker of hero, for that of Legend! Uttering not a single word throughout the book, Luther fits his new moniker well. He is only seen in glimpses and shadow, dishing out devastating punishment with the swiftness of Mercury, leaving no one left to oppose the hand of justice! But as the criminal element of the tri-state area converge to deal with Luther, a single person might just hold the key to his downfall!

Continuing from the fan-favorite mini-series, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, The Legend of Luther Strode #1 brings more of the gory glory that you have come to expect! But as with the first series, this one does not just rely on the utterly ridiculous violence to capture your attention. There is a heart and soul to this tale that completely engrosses the reader into Luther’s horrific world and, most importantly, into the broken man that is Luther himself. He literally has nothing! He is a man with a single room, a bucket to wash off the residue of shattered criminals from his large frame and a wall to remember those he has destroyed. His scarred body is a reflection of his even more scarred psyche, creating the question for the reader, “Why does he even do this anymore?” after seeing his solemnity. But does anyone ever ask the hero why do they stand up to those who do wrong? No, those questions are always asked of the villains! But, in this series, the villains thought process is clearly explained. They want to see if the “Legend” is true, does the bogeyman REALLY exist? Apparently, no one ever told them not to poke a beehive with a stick, it will only result in you getting stung!

This issue is even more over the top than the first series! A gory, slaughterfest of amazing art and story that will enthrall you with it’s quick pace and utter insanity! A bevy of brutality that is held up by the understructure of fantastic characterization! Tradd Moore’s volatile art will overwhelm the senses, but it is Jordan’s glimpse of humanity beneath it all that will keep you enthralled for the next installment! Bring a mop and a raincoat, folks, this one’s going to be messy!