Advanced Review: Hardcore #1


Our good friends at Image Comics have yet again graced us with an advanced copy of another sure fire hit! But this isn’t just any ol‘ book, this one is — Hardcore! Created by fan favorite – and CBN’s “Creator Of The Year 2011” – Robert Kirkman!

An amalgam of Quantum Leap and The Bourne Identity, Hardcore is an espionage/sci-fi thriller that exudes excitement on every page! You thought Kirkman just did zombies and aliens? Well, think again kids — this one will blow you away!

Following Agent Drake, a stylized government assassin, we enter the world of shadow agencies and their ability to eliminate threats. But this isn’t just the same old covert ops that we have all seen before, this is technology at its finest and most brutal! Using a sniper and a “hardcore” bullet, a brain command bypass system that is shot into the neck of its intended target, Agent Drake can mentally “take over” the physical abilities of the victim. While the victim is placed in a dream-like state, Agent Drake can manipulate their body in order to use them to get close to the true target! An old friend, a business partner, a lover or family member, Agent Drake can become any of them — and put a bullet in your brain! A 72 hour window is all he has to eliminate the threat and pull himself out of his victim; if he doesn’t, he could suffer massive brain damage as the “hardcore” dissolves away! Easy, right? But what happens when you can’t pull back out and the minutes start ticking away?!

Action/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Drama, call it what you want! This book is intriguing, exciting and full of enough action to make Joss Whedon smile! Seriously, I was not expecting this type of story from the creator of Invincible, Thief of Thieves, and The Walking Dead! But that’s exactly what Robert Kirkman does — breaks the shackles of conformity to bring you amazing stories! This tale of high stakes espionage will astound you and make you yearn for more! Highly recommended, this will be a true “sleeper” hit that no one should miss!