Advanced Review: Danger Club #1


What happens when all the adults in your life are suddenly taken away? What if you are only a teenager when this chaos is brought into your life? What if this happens worldwide — all at the same time? Who is there to protect you, who makes the decisions about what to do, who will run the world?

You do!

That is the premise of Image’s new book Danger Club! A universe that is built solely of super heroes, suddenly is in deadly peril from outer space. Every adult on the planet leaves to save the world, but none of them ever return! It is up to their children to stand strong together, keeping the way of life as normal as possible. But tensions arise, and Apollo, the strongest of them all, sets himself up as self proclaimed “leader” of the world. A narcissistic egomaniac, Apollo professes love to all, but crushes any who oppose his reign. Today that reign of terror will end, at least if his former friends — Ivan, Jack, Yoshimi and Kid Vigilante have anything to say about it!

This book is a great look at all the classic stories that you grew up with in one stylistic amalgam for new readers. Comic fans will undoubtedly recognize the bevy of storylines reminiscent of all our favorite reads. Walker makes nods to Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Phoenix Saga, while building his own original tale off of them. It is a story that is reverent to the history of comics, and yet, paves its way for the future of it as well.

All are favorite archetypes are present, and even though they are embodied by teenagers, their heart and drive are those of seasoned veterans. That is the aspect that truly drives this story. Even though the world is free of adult decisions, if we raise our children to be good people and do what they can for their fellow man, they will be able to take care of themselves and each other. Walker tells a story of heroism at its roots, and what true heroes must do to take care of the world. 

Grab this book and enjoy the future of comics while reliving its past! It is fun and stylistic, with great art by Eric Jones that will blow you away! You owe it to yourself to try something new — this is it!