Advanced Review: Captain America: White #1


It has been a very long time, seven years to be exact, since the duo of, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, have put out Captain America: White #0. Why the long wait? Not too sure, all I know is that when Loeb and Sale get together to work on one of Marvel’s “Color” books, something profound is created.

Captain America: White #1 is a brand new tale dealing with the emotional shock Cap faced after awakening in a time not his own amidst modern marvels and Avengers. Loeb immediately takes the tale back to WWII as Cap reminisces about the loss of his best friend and compatriot, Bucky. We see the brutality of war and how even the greatest of soldiers can have their focus distracted when it comes to the safety of a dear friend. We are also graced with Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos and how they react to America’s “Boy Scout” both on and off the field of battle and deal with the duality of heroism.

Loeb and Sale have done an exquisite job on molding a tale that delves deeper into the consciousness and sorrow of one of the greatest comic book characters ever created. It, like their other “Color” tales, not only focuses on emotional upheaval in a first person point of view, it also takes us to the true core of the characters. They show first hand how even the mighty need to persevere tragedy and come out stronger due to their emotional scars.

This is a tale to be revered with the highest standards and, in my opinion, is the best read of the week. Don’t let the high price point of $4.99 deter you from one fantastic story, because you actually receive two! Not only do you get the first installment of this limited series but you also receive a reproduction of Captain America: White #0! And as an extra bonus, you will also be able to read an interview with Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb conducted by Richard Starking, from seven years ago, chock full of Tim Sale sketches, drawings, birthday cards and photos of the creators from their childhoods! You couldn’t ask for anything more!