Zack Snyder’s Second Unit Director Slams James Gunn’s Superman Image

Clay Staub reacts to the first look David Corenswet image released by James Gunn.

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The reaction to the first-look image of David Corenswet as Superman released on Monday by James Gunn hasn’t been all that favorable, and now Zack Snyder’s second unit director chimes in who worked on Batman vs. Superman and Justice League.

The image features a look at the new Man of Steel who happens to be seemingly sitting idling by as Metropolis is under attack from an otherworldly threat.

Fans have also been voicing their thoughts on social media and have come up with some pretty funny memes.

david corenswet superman first look james gunn

What does Clay Staub say?

Clay Staub, Zack Snyder’s second unit director on Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, took to Twitter to offers this thoughts, and he’s not impressed with the image.

“Who thought this was the best option for a First Look?” he tweeted.

Staub continued, “Really, I’m not joking, speaking solely from the layout perspective, the pose (pulling his boot on) making the suit chest and arms look bulky and rubbery.”

Zack Snyder removed the red tights, but James Gunn has returned them (confirmed via DC).

Staub added, “BTW are those Trunks we’re returning to, I’m asking for a friend?”

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A film, media, TV, and digital production company out of Toronto replied agreeing that the image seems questionable.

“Agree not going to comment on the suit, lets see how it works in movement, etc for a first reveal of not just the suit but of Superman this is an odd choice,” tweeted RetroGraveProduction.

Clay Staub replied, “But the Suit and the Man are One! BTW-I’m not commenting on the Actor or Story, it could be Great. I’m just looking at the layout and the takeaway. If the metaphor is the New Man/New Suit or Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps…then both failed.”

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