‘What If?’ Has Lowest Rated Rotten Tomatoes Score For Marvel Disney Plus


The What If? animated series debuts tomorrow, but the early reviews offer the show is currently the lowest-rated Marvel series on Disney Plus, but not by much.

With 37 reviews presently accounted for, What If? is coming in at a “Fresh” 89% Rotten Tomatoes Score, which is below Loki‘s 92%, WandaVision‘s 91%, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s 90%.

With such a low amount of current reviews, the score could obviously change either way, so we’ll keep an eye on things.

Update: The Audience Score is at 80%; Critics Score is at 84%.

What If Rotten Tomatoes

Regarding the negative, reviews, of which there are only four, they offer (update: there are nine now):

  • “The idea of taking such popular, well-worn characters and scrambling them throughout this massive worldbuilding experiment sounds fun, but the results so far are pretty lukewarm.” – via Consequence.net.
  • “For a series set in the infinite vastness of a multiverse, What If…? is dreaming awfully small.” – THR
  • “A galaxy-level cast, for a TikTok-level Disney+ series. [Marvel’s] first animated series […] allows it to operate on a different canvas [but] the first three episodes don’t push the envelope. What If…? feels like a footnote in the MCU encyclopaedia.” – Gadgets.ndtv.com
  • What If…? opens up a world of possibility for Marvel, which it explores with enthusiasm, but also, in an act of hubris, with one hand tied smirkingly behind its back.” – Hindustan Times

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

Fans not happy with the look of Captain Britain in What If?

Some fans have also not been happy with the animated look of Captain Britain Peggy Carter, where similar to He-Man‘s Teela, the character looks like a boy, as the animated version looks a lot different than the live-action version played by Hayley Atwell who also provides the voice in What if?

Atwell apparently thinks the character looking a lot different than herself is okay as she posted on Instagram, “Here she is… Our Peg in a greater position of visibility and power; raising the standards for female representation in this genre… I love my Marvel family and their expansive vision… See Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers in a whole new way this Wednesday when the first episode of Marvel Studios’ @WhatIf starts streaming on @DisneyPlus.”

Anna, aka That Star Wars Girl who also happens to be an artist, pointed out on Twitter how much the What If? version resembles a boy: